Make sure to join us on Tuesday, September 18, as we prepare CPGs and Retailers for a changing future retail world. This complimentary webinar will allow attendees to readily identify, size, and forecast growth opportunities, manage risk from potential threats, and help create actionable go-to-market strategies for growth and future disruption.

Coverage will include:

  • Top disruptors and investment opportunities by sector, helping you prioritize choices specific to your category
  • Changes in society, technology, the economy, the retail industry and political environments that will shape future consumer mindsets and retail landscapes
  • An overview of diverse market environments with different rates of economic growth
  • Declining store profitability and the evolving role of the store
  • The dominance of digital marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, and
  • Growth of ecommerce, requiring new digital and supply chain capabilities
Why Attend

  • Prepare your business for a future scenario that will be dramatically different from today
  • Make effective and timely decisions on which markets, channels and retailers to invest in
  • Understand how categories and assortments will change as consumers priorities evolve and physical stores are overhauled 
  • Discover how customer engagement strategies must evolve to remain relevant in our digital world
  • View best-in-class examples of retailers and suppliers that are already adapting to change
  • Examine the impact emerging technologies are having on every step of the shopper journey from product discovery through to purchase and service
Who Should Attend

This webinar is designed for individuals at manufacturers, brands and retailers, including Heads of Strategy and Insight, Heads of Ecommerce, Ecommerce Measurement & Insights Leaders, Strategy and Planning Heads, Heads of Commercial Strategy, Key Account Managers, Directors of Operations, and Supply Chain Directors.

Franziska Schmidt
Retail Analyst

Speaker Title

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