Webinar recorded on Thursday, June 21, 2018 | Webinar length: 45 min

Building Your Ecommerce Business



Ecommerce is driving a dramatic remixing of the global chain retail landscape and predicted to account for 30% of all chain retail by 2022. 60% of sales added from 2017-2022 will be from ecommerce. Brands cannot ignore the growth of online and must address the new challenges it will bring.

On Thursday, June 21, we reviewed highlights of our Flywheel Strategy Report, including:
  • Steps required to build and activate a scuccessful ecommerce business
  • Flywheel Strategy as a foundation of ecommerce growth and development
  • 3P marketplaces using a 'flywheel concept' to drive scale and growth
  • Actions brands and suppliers will need to take to win in ecommerce