With Amazon's aggressive moves into new categories, how will this continue to impact retailers and consumer goods manufacturers?

Join us for our monthly Amazon briefings as we examine Amazon's latest global developments, allowing participants to:

  • Stay ahead of Amazon's latest strategic moves
  • Get our opinion on monthly developments
  • Hear the implications for retailers and suppliers
Why Attend

  • Understand the repercussions of Amazon's latest strategic moves on retailers and consumer goods manufacturers
  • Explore Amazon's emerging business models disrupting the chain retail landscape
  • Grasp how ecommerce marketplaces are providing new platforms where retailers and brands transact, fragmenting shopper destinations and fulfillment requirements
  • Analyze the leadership decisions traditional retailers will be faced in response to Amazon's rapid expansion
  • Recognize the distinction between physical and digital retail as online and offline worlds converge to drive seamless shopping experiences
Who Should Attend

This webinar is designed for individuals whose business is impacted by Amazon's moves and innovations.

Jack O'Leary
Senior Analyst 

Jack O'Leary is a Senior Analyst for PlanetRetailRNG based in Boston. He leads the group's research on Ecommerce & Digital Ecosystems and also follows emerging digital technology companies in support of the Digital Radar business line.        

Speaker Name
Retail Insights Director

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