Join Planet Retail's Technology Research Director Miya Knights as she discusses the swift digital transformation taking place in retail, how to stay ahead and where to look next...

Attend this webinar to:

  • Understand the true impact of digital transformation on consumer behavior
  • Gain exclusive insight on retailer research into how digital trends are shaping IT spending strategies through 2017
  • Learn how retailers are using strategic digital investment to modernize the supply chain
Miya knights
Planet Retail Technology Research Director

Miya has over 15 years' experience as an analyst, journalist and editor specialising in enterprise technology use in retail. She has spent this time reporting on the demands and challenges faced by retailers and which technologies can best support their needs in addressing ever-more complex consumer expectations and behaviours.

Heidi Dethloff
Vice President Marketing

A 25-year technology marketing veteran, Heidi Dethloff has an extensive background in technology marketing with a long-time focus on partnerships, customer advocacy and market development. Her role is pivotal in developing integrated strategies that showcase Digimarc’s value, highlighting the significance of digital identities in all forms of media for consumers and brands alike

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